Liquidity Solutionss

Liquidity Solutions

The Straight Through Processing (STP) solution of mF trading platform provides brokers/dealers with fully automatic hedging services. Meanwhile, after assessing their actual demands, mF would provide various hedging solutions, allowing them to freely switch between and modes, so as to control risks and maximize profits.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

mF trading platform supports Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol - Straight Through Processing (STP) solution, allowing the brokers/dealers to send their clients' trading orders directly, without dealing desks, to Liquidity Providers such as international financial institutes and money center banks, which then match transactions automatically.

A-Book or B-Book mode ?

A-Book mode refers to the mode that brokers/dealers transfer clients’ position to LP, without bearing position risk. B-Book mode, the traditional setting, is the mode that brokers/dealers need to bear position risks on their own to generate profits.

Profit Maximization with Hedging Solutions

mF trading platforms support both A-Book and B-Book mode settings. mF liquidity solutions provide brokers/dealers with fully automatic and selective hedging services, allowing them to freely switch between A-Book and B-Book modes according to different risk environment, so as to enhance stability and maximize profits.

A-Book & B-Book mode


  • Tight Spreads, Lower Cost

    Tight Spreads, Lower Cost

    Streamlining real-time quotes with super tight spreads provided by LPs lowering hedging cost and risk exposure for brokers/dealers

  • Low Latency, Fast Execution

    Low Latency, Fast Execution

    Low latency trading environment speeding up order execution, thus rendering high-quality trading experience for users

  • High Liquidity with Stability

    High Liquidity with Stability

    Powerful and stable LPs such as international financial institutes and banks with strong stability and execution capability

  • Distinct Interface, Comprehensive Functions

    Intuitive Interface,
    Comprehensive Functions

    • One-click control for the hedging mode
    • Different settings of or applicable to designated clients or products
    • Flexible settings to enhance order success rate
    • Comprehensive hedging status for analysis and monitoring

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