Interactive Chart

Interactive Chart

m-FINANCE is one of the pioneers in the market to provide the HTML5 Interactive Chart for financial institutions. Besides many basic and comprehensive functions, it also features Undisposed Losing Zone and Trend Line Zone, helping clients to analyze the coming entry and exit time.


  • Mobile Charts

    Mobile Charts

    Accessible from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

  • Undisposed Losing Zone

    Undisposed Losing Zone

    An indicator derived by trends, directions and price concentration zone of asset prices within a set period. It helps to locate important price zones on charts as a reference for entry and exit

  • Trend Line Zone

    Trend Line Zone

    A chart signal derived from precise statistics, history of asset prices and other indicators and data, which helps to locate resistance and support levels

  • Multiple Technical Indicators

    Multiple Technical Indicators

    Various technical indicators provided, including Bollinger Band, RSI, Williams %R, and a full toolkit of advanced drawing tools including Fibonacci Retracement and Annotation

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