MT4/MT5 bridge

MT4/MT5 Plugins

A variety of tailor-made MT4/MT5 plugins are provided to fit every broker’s highly customized demand for their unique trading model. We help our brokers to get ahead of the market by extending standard MT4/MT5 platform features.


  • Pre-defined Rules

    Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

    Percent Allocation Management Module allows money managers to trade from a master MT4/MT5 terminal and automatically distribute profits and losses proportionally among all investors. With PAMM, investors are able to earn without trading on their own and money managers get to receive performance fee through efficient management of investors’ funds.

  • Priority of Rules

    Social Trading Solution

    Organize a social trading system within your MetaTrader server that will allow to copy trades from the top trader to another based on subscriptions. It is a perfect solution for brokers to speed up conversion of regular visitors into real clients and increase deposit volumes and trading turnover.

  • LP Switch

    Virtual Dealer

    Virtual Dealer plugin is designed for helping brokers organize B-Book management by extending MetaTrader platform technology. Virtual Dealer acts as a human dealer, confirms or rejects client trade requests and processes SL & TP triggers, pending order activations and stop-outs. This plugin will help brokers increase profits and is also very useful when working with scalpers and cheaters.

  • Hybrid A/B-Book

    Trade Copier Plugin

    Trade Copier plugin allows investors to get profit by copying the orders of experienced traders. The capabilities of the configuration of the plugin are huge, and plugin settings allow the broker to set various coping modes: based on group, volume, margin, coping with multiplicator and also support reversed copying.

m-FINANCE also provides the following plugins to help brokers improve and expandMT4/MT5 platform functionally:
Agent Deposit Rewards, MT4/MT5 Bonus Manager, Ratings & Statistics Module, Trade & Quote Alert, Reset/Web API, Website Quote Feed, etc.

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