MT White Label Solutions

MT White Label Solutions

m-FINANCE offers the one-stop MT White Label solutions to help brokers start their own businesses promptly, allowing them to have their own branded trading platform at affordable prices. Meanwhile, m-FINANCE has partnered with a number of liquidity providers to offer clients a variety of hedging solutions. Brokers can freely switch between A-Book and B-Book modes according to their business needs, so as to control risks and maximize profits.


  • Quick and Easy Set-up

    Quick and Easy Set-up

    Provide truly robust and ultra-competitive MT White Label Solutions for brokers , helping them reduce their operating costs and start their businesses rapidly

  • Corporate Brand-Building

    Corporate Brand-Building

    Establish professional corporate image for brokers to increase customer loyalty , and also to facilitate daily promotion and future development for the company

  • Offer Customized Services

    Offer Customized Services

    Provide customized solutions for brokers to accommodate their specific needs, resulting in helping various business development

  • Hybrid A/B-Book

    Hybrid A/B-Book

    Allow brokers to freely switch between A-Book and B-Book models according to different risk environment, so as to maximize profits

  • Support STP Solutions

    Support STP Solutions

    Connect a number of top-notch international liquidity providers via Straight Through Processing (STP) mode, helping brokers reduce hedging costs and ensure fast order execution

  • Flexible Solutions Available

    Flexible Solutions Available

    Offer the option of fully-hosted Standard plan, or Premium plan (including CRM system and MT4 plugins) to meet brokers ‘ changing business needs

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    24/7 Technical Support

    Provide 24/7 dedicated technical support and customer services, helping reduce the cost of maintenance significantly and ensure the stability and security of the system

Standard Plan

  • MT4 White Label Trading Platform

    MT White Label Trading Platform

  • Liquidity Bridge

    Liquidity Bridge

  • Real-time Data Feed

    Real-time Data Feed

  • Server Hosting

    Server Hosting

  • 7/24 Technical Support

    7/24 Technical Support

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