Value-added Services

Value-added Services

m-FINANCE is dedicated to providing the fastest and most updated global financial information and analysis services, including professional strategy analysis, economic calendar, instant news, real-time quotes and data feed. m-FINANCE also provides value-added services such as mCRM to enhance efficiency of back office management and promote services for trading companies.

Services Include

  • Trading Analysis & Strategies

    Trading Analysis & Strategies

    In-depth analysis of current issues and market trends provided by mF Analysis Team to help users make trading plans in short, medium and long term

  • Economic Calendar

    Economic Calendar

    Provide the most updated and important global economic data and central bank meeting dates, helping users to embrace immediate opportunities and trading directions

  • Real-time News

    Real-time News

    Work with the most prominent financial information service providers to deliver most instant financial information and forex/bullion news

  • Real-time Quotes

    Real-time Quotes

    Products including LLG, LLS, RKG, HKG and Forex

  • Real-time Data Feed

    Real-time Data Feed

    Provide multiple real-time data feed services to meet different dealers' needs

  • Cross-Border Online Payment

    Cross-Border Online Payment

    Partner with different payment vendors to provide RMB cross-border online payment service

  • mCRM


    Automatically deliver important information (such as cut loss, deposit/withdraw, reset password) or promotion messages to investors' mobile phones, alleviating workload of back office and applying for marketing promotion

  • System Maintenance & Cloud Services

    Server Maintenance / Cloud Service

    24-hour data and system monitoring services with building and maintenance of software, hardware and network appliances; with cloud services, clients' cloud servers can enhance system stability, scalability and security

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